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ACLU Employs New Strategy in Second Marriage Lawsuit
The effort to force the redefinition of marriage on North Carolina escalated last week with the filing of a second federal lawsuit challenging the state's marriage laws - this time on behalf of three same-sex couples with serious medical conditions who were legally "married" in other states. more

"Dialogue" as a Counter to "Silence"
This week, as activist groups prepare for the pro-homosexual "Day of Silence" in thousands of schools nationwide, Christian students have the opportunity to engage in an alternative event aimed at promoting the Truth about sexuality in the classroom through respectful, student initiated conversations. more

Fifth Circuit Ruling Bolsters Pro-Life Efforts in N.C.
As health regulators are currently working to update North Carolina's abortion clinic rules, pro-life citizens in the Old North State are pointing to a recent decision by a federal appeals court to demonstrate how higher standards of care for abortion clinics are lawful and should be incorporated into the state's regulatory structure. more

S.C. Supreme Court Rejects Catawba Tribe's Video Poker Claim
In an opinion filed this morning, the South Carolina Supreme Court ruled that the Catawba Indian Nation does not have the legal authority to operate video gambling in the Palmetto State. more

High Court Hears Landmark Religious Freedom Case
This week, the U.S. Supreme Court heard oral arguments in one of the most important religious freedom cases to come before the Court in years. more



Time to Fix the TV Rating System
This week on “Family Policy Matters,” NCFPC president John Rustin talks with Tim Winter, president of the Parents Television Council, a nonpartisan media watchdog group. Tim discusses the problems with the current television rating system, and the PTC's new campaign aimed at changing that system to ensure that it accurately reflects the content of broadcast television programs. (April 12) listen


Feature Article: The Marriage Wage Premium
Dr. Mark Steckbeck, professor of economics at Campbell University, dispels the myth that marriage is bad for your bank account. Along with the health, mental, and emotional benefits for men, women, and children, marriage provides one of the strongest antidotes to individual and societal poverty, a fact governments should note when crafting public policy. more

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