Marriage Amendment Rally Monday

Special Report - September 8, 2011

This Monday, September 12, as lawmakers prepare to begin the long-awaited special session on constitutional amendments, pro-family citizens will have the opportunity to physically show their support for proposed legislation that will allow North Carolinians to vote on a Marriage Protection Amendment (MPA). Proponents of the MPA have scheduled a Marriage Rally for Monday at 10:30 AM at Halifax Mall behind the Legislative Building in Raleigh. Dr. Patrick L. Wooden, Sr., pastor of the Upper Room Church of God in Christ in Raleigh, is the main speaker for the rally. Other confirmed speakers include: Brian Brown of the National Organization for Marriage (NOM), Kevin Daniels of the Frederick Douglas Foundation, Bill Brooks of the North Carolina Family Policy Council, Reverend Mark Creech of the Christian Action League, Randy Wilson of the Family Research Council, and other local pastors from North Carolina. Citizens can register to attend the Marriage Rally and get directions to the event, here.

With the special session scheduled to begin at noon on Monday, lawmakers are under tremendous pressure from homosexual activists and their allies to vote against the Defense of Marriage legislation, which has been consistently introduced in the General Assembly but never brought up for consideration for the past eight years. The purpose of the Marriage Rally is to show lawmakers that North Carolinians care about protecting the institution of marriage in this state, and want the opportunity to vote on how it will be defined for future generations. After the rally, citizens are encouraged to take some time to meet personally with lawmakers at the General Assembly and urge them to vote yes on the Defense of Marriage legislation.

“We encourage pro-family citizens from around the state to attend the Marriage Rally on Monday, and make a public stand for protecting the definition of marriage in North Carolina as only between one man and one woman,” said Bill Brooks, president of the North Carolina Family Policy Council. “We have waited eight long years for lawmakers to consider the Defense of Marriage legislation, and next week that wait will finally be over. Still, lawmakers need to be reminded again and again that this is an issue of critical importance to North Carolinians, that citizens want the opportunity to vote on a constitutional amendment defining marriage, and that we stand behind them as they vote to give us that opportunity by voting yes on this measure.”

Brooks added, “Most importantly, legislators need our prayers as they begin next week’s session and prepare to address and debate this important issue. How they vote next week on the Defense of Marriage legislation will in large part determine whether the voters of this state will have the chance in 2012 to protect the definition of marriage through a constitutional amendment for future generations of North Carolinians.”

For more information about the Marriage Protection Amendment, including talking points, issue briefs, and audio resources, visit our resource page. To read an in-depth response to some of the most common untruths about the Marriage Protection Amendment that are being circulated by homosexual activists, download our recent feature article, “Countering the Deception: Responding to Allegations About the Marriage Protection Amendment.”

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